State Bank eZPayCard

A prepaid solution for perodical payments like salary,commision social benefits etc.

The State Bank eZ-Pay card, a prepaid card issued in Indian Rupees in association with VISA international, is an ideal product for making periodical payments like Salary, Wages, Commission, Scholarship, Old age pension, other Social benefits etc. Payment of salaries to employees, who are located at different places, is generally a difficult proposition for employers as a single banking arrangement cannot be made for all employees. Cards can be loaded from a single point and the funds are available to the employees immediately. State Bank eZ-Pay Card is an ideal product for payment of: Government disbursements like Scholarship, social benefits like NREGA, Anganwadi staff salary, old age pension etc. Wages/Bonus/ incentives to employees. Periodical payment of incentives to agents/ commission to distributors. Remittances received from abroad, etc. One need not be an SBI account holder for purchasing State Bank eZ-Pay Card. Cash withdrawal/Balance enquiry can be made free of charge through State Bank Group ATMs. Balance can also checked online through login to https://prepaid.sbi State Bank eZ-Pay card is enabled for Cash withdrawal, Balance enquiry at other Bank ATMs too (will be charged as prescribed from time to time) currently Rs.20/-Per withdrawal and Rs.9/- for balance enquiry.

Item Charges (in Rs.)/Per card
Issuance Fee Rs.150.00+GST
Reload fee Rs.10+GST(Nil if reloaded through CINB)
Cash Withdrawal from any State Bank Group ATM in India No Charges
Transaction at other ATM's Charges Rs.20.00 per Withdrawal
Charges Rs.9.00 per Balance Enquiry
Transaction at Merchant Establishments No Charges bys SBI. However ,some MEs may impose a surcharge viz Petrol Pumps,railways etc, which whould be recovered
Replacement Card Rs.100.00+GST
1.One time Password (OTP): OTP for carrying out financial transactions are sent to the Cardholders registered mobile number. OTP for securely availing non-financial service s are sent to the Cardholders registered e-mail ID/mobile number.
2. Notification of Changes: Bank shall have the absolute discretion to amend, delete or supplement any of the Terms & Conditions, features, and benefits offered on the Card including, without limitation to, changes which affect charges o r rates and methods of calculation at any time. The Cardholder shall be liable for all charges incurred and all other obligations under these revised Terms until all amounts under the Card are repaid in full. Bank will communicate the am ended Terms by hosting the same on the Banks website or in any other manner as decided by the Bank from time to time. The Cardholder shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions including amendments thereto as posted on Banks website. Any change in the Terms and Conditions shall be posted on the Banks website, in the manner as aforesaid, 30 days prior to the date of their implementation. https://prepaid.sbi
State Bank eZ-Pay card is a personalized card in the name of the cardholder. However, non-personalized cards also can be issued subject to certain criteria on demand..
'State Bank eZ-Pay card' is usable at all State Bank ATMs through PIN and at Merchant establishments/ Point of Sale through Signature in India. The cardholder need not visit any Branch to withdraw his money.
'State Bank eZ-Pay cards' are now enabled for Cash withdrawal,Balance enquiry at other Bank ATMs(will be charged as prescribed from time to time) currently Rs.20/-Per withdrawal and Rs.9/- for balance enquiry.
The customer/individual/corporate needs to provide the following documents for purchasing State Bank eZ-Pay Card:
Properly filled-up State Bank eZ-Pay Card Application..
Proof of Identity such as Passport, voter ID card, PAN Card etc.
Proof of Residence such as Passport, Driving license, Ration Card, etc.
Maximum amount of issue

Rs 2,00,000/- (Maximum Amount that can be loaded by paying Cash is limited to Rs.50,000/- per month)


Operatable by 4 digit PIN at ATMs and by PIN/Signature at Merchant Establishments.

SMS / E-Mail

Balance information after each transaction through SMS/e-mail.

24 / 7

A 24 x 7 call centre ( +91 18001234) to provide information and hot-list (block) the card in case of loss / misplacement.

Balance Enquiry

Free balance enquiry at State Bank Group ATMs and VISA ATMs(at a charge).


Free balance enquiry and view / download details of transactions through https://prepaid.sbi/


Add-on-cards not exceeding two in number to be used by the card holder in case of loss/misplacement/defacement of the card.

SMS/e-mail alerts for each transaction

*Disclaimer:The service is dependent on the infrastructure,connectivity and services provided by the service provider. State Bank of India will not be liable for any delay,inability or loss of information in the transmission of alerts.

Reloadable any number of times.

Minimum reload Rs.100 per reload

No Maximum stipulation but at any point of time card balance should not exceed Rs.2,00,000/-